Life Is Not Meant To Be Easy!

United States
October 15, 2012 2:40pm CST
There are days I do not want to get out of bed. I need crutches to get around. At The end of August, I had a 4 day taste test that I made $150 from. There are things I would rather do to make money. Things that involve walking more than I am able to. I bought my laptop to help me with what I do online to make my life better! I got a response from what I wrote yesterday. Well, this "beggar" has an ipod and I bet other very nice things that any homeless person struggling to get back on their feet would NOT have! This guy needs a reality check! I do not help anyone who comes up to me begging, thinking I am a millionaire, when I am still at times having a hard time getting by! I use what I have for what I need. I do not have a house or an apartment. I rent an SRO. I still do not have enough for food me me with the bills I have to pay. I would love to have an ipod and other nice things. I cannot afford any of that right now! I know what I am capable of doing to make money. I find it very disturbing that you have people beg who have their own place and nice things to go with that. I want to help people who beg NOT THOSE WHO HAVE THEIR OWN PLACE AND MONEY TO BUY NICE THINGS LIKE IPODS THEN GO OUT BEGGING WHEN THEY WANT FOR NOTHING!
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@mensab (4207)
• Philippines
15 Oct 12
yes, life is not meant to be easy for those who have dreams. it is easy for those who ride in other's dreams. when some people get used with an easy life, they do not know how to proceed except to have an easy way out of life. probably they do not know how to struggle or confront the challenges of life. what they know is that some people are gullible to give their demands.