My grandparents were unaware of today's ailments..

October 15, 2012 2:52pm CST
Hey friends, u wont believe that once my late grandfather said me in a lighter mood that during his childhood and adolescent days, they had never heard about diabetes, blood pressure or blood sugar issues. I was extremely shocked upon hearing this and on asking about the possible reason he said that those days people used to walk or used bicycles to travel. They used to do all of their work by their own hand and never thought of seeking anyone's help. More importantly, the food were healthy and devoid of pesticides and fertilizers and there was no pollution at all. All were fit and raring to go. He said that modern age might have changed the face of the earth but it has definitely come with a host of problems with it. I completely agreed to whatever he said that day. What are your thoughts regarding this? Don't u agree to whatever he said?
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