Peanut butter recall from Sunland

October 15, 2012 10:20pm CST
After Canada got hit with beef recall from Alberta plant, now US get hit with another recall for peanut butter from Sunland that contaminated with Salmonella. Not only peanut butter, but also raw peanut product, pies, ice cream. The list of peanut product recall is 10 pages long. It already spreads over 19 states. The product is sold in WalMart, Costco, Kroeger, Target, Whole Foods. The problem is that the peanut products are sold with different brands, and there are so many types. So how do you know? To take a look at 10 pages long list of products, I suggest just throw anything out that has nothing say PEANUT. Unfortunately almost anything now days contain peanut. Tough call ha? What do you think mylotters?
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@succeednow (1636)
• Singapore
16 Oct 12
Hi wfhchristiner, I think with this recall all peanut butter lovers should take heed and stay away from peanut products for a while or at least until after everything is clear. The manufacturers do not any old how recall products unless it is something serious. There's another thing about peanuts that most people are not aware and that is the presence of molds. Peanuts tend to get moldy easily if they are not treated or kept properly. These molds may be cancer causing. The worst thing is the consumer may not be aware of this as the molds are mixed into the peanut butter and are not visible to the naked eye.
• Canada
16 Oct 12
Ha? I do not know about this. This is very dangerous. Peanut butter is a common item like PBJ sandwich. I would like to research about that, cause I love peanut butter. Especially on diet, peanut butter turns to be one of the suggested food to eat. It's protein. How about roasted peanut? Is the mold only for peanut butter? I assume this mold also applies to almond, and any other kind of peanuts? Thank you for the input.