helping out donny...

@eiram23 (422)
October 16, 2012 3:49am CST
I can't forget the last call I received today's shift. It lasted for more than an hour. At first, I'm negative about the call. His name is Donny. he called in asking me to activate his new iphone. It wasnt a problem at all. we are used to do it. Apparently when he learned about the warranty of the service, he changed his mind. He wants to activate his HTC instead, well its not a problem as well. So we did activate his phone. I though the call would be as simple as it but questions arise from one questions. I am kinda agitated. My calling time is being prolong. I am suppose to log out by 12:30 but it never happened I ended logging out the last at 1:05. But I so love the call. He is so wonderful to talked to. He shares about his previous experience when he called in about the same issue. He cannot remember his gmail acct:) He asked me to walked him through setting a new one, download the pandora thing and fb app and then when we were almost done with the call, He said I was looking for your name here in Fb. I burst into laughter and told him oh good for you if you will be able to search me.. he busrt into laughter as well. He knows using my pseudoname wouldnt help. He just made my day. Such a wonderful person to talked to. Staying on the phone for more than an hour for a stranger is just so cool especially if you can create connection as if you are just talking to a friend and most importantly i have been able to be of help which he has been seeking for the whole week now..
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