Why Do People Try To Be Something They Aren't?

United States
October 16, 2012 10:42am CST
I have nothing to hide. I don't claim to be something and someone I am not. Yet, I see people who are phony and those who scam and con people. For those who can work but choose to be lazy, why help them? For those who show the way they are, they way they respect others and care for those who care for them. There are too many people who want everything given to them! Growing up, I did not have a lot. I appreciate more what is needed over what is wanted. Too many people want free money from those who work hard for it. Here it is illegal to beg agressively. Meaning that you will go to jail for harassing people, inside restaurants, on the streets as well.! Look around you, how many people show their true selves? How many people hide how they really are, hide their true intentions? We all have to answer for how we live our lives while we are here. Are you doing what your here for or are you doing what your not supposed to do? What are you hiding from others? Are you capable of work or do you want to be so lazy that hard work means nothing to you ever?
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@joystick (1680)
3 Nov 12
I see people that are fake, with the way that they are with others as in no sooner are they nice to their face, they will stab the same person behind their back. I also see people that are saying that they are a lone parent, yet really they are living with the person that they are claiming they are not with, just to claim a rebate of some type. But I also see people that can not go to work, due to being too ill to work, or in some cases a relation is ill and they have to be cared for by a member of their family and they are the carer, these people are not at all lazy. I do see people that make out as if they are the best parent going, yet behind closed doors they are not, as they dump their children on relations all the time, as they do not want to look after them and when they do have them it is like using them as a show piece.
@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
17 Oct 12
I am who I am and people see me as the real me. I don't try to pretend to be someone else, that is really very hard. Even if you guys don't see me in person, but I am telling you I am what I type. Because pretending is really very hard. You may say you are this in one discussion and then suddenly you get to say you are another person on another discussion. Mylotters will only think of you as a liar and will no longer be believing in your discussions. Not only will you lose earnings because for sure many will not follow your discussions but most of all you will lose friends. That also goes with your offline life. You will lose people close to you if they see you as a liar and someone full of pretensions.
@Tongcv (173)
• China
17 Oct 12
Some people like a star will imitate This is nothing;people hide themselves some for protection,some bad,both to distinguish;industrious work may when to rest.
@prashu228 (25507)
• India
16 Oct 12
hi same here, i never try to be someone else. I have my identity ,why should act like someone else. But as you said,there are few people who act and try to be like others. i agree people with true intentions are are really difficult to recognize. but many want free money ,with out any hard work. which is really bad. we should earn through hard work then only we can understand the value of money. hard work means a lot , it increases our confidence and gives recognition.