Which is the best headphones you have used?

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October 18, 2012 10:11pm CST
I am planning to buy new headphones probably one for life. Its been a thinking for a long time now, I wanted to buy a beats headphone. It is good for all kinds of devices. That's why I am thinking of buying the same. Also I am buying a new laptop which suits that too. I have been using Koss earphones which i took it in US for some time now and it is good. It is a noise cancellation ear bud and it was helping my mobile devices but not the laptop. I am sure you all would have tried some good headphones for chatting too. Please share your thoughts on same.
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• Shenzhen, China
18 Mar 14
Of course is the beats headphones. The best that I ever used. If looking for some advise, you can go to the That is a online shop and you can see many products for choice. Also there is a online chat and you can learn more thing through their stuff:)
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• Philippines
3 Nov 12
Beats Headphone - Beats By Dr. Dre provides a premium sound experience with its line of high-quality headphones
My brother gave me a beats headphone for my birthday and although it's just an earpiece, still, the sounds were superb! Sometimes I find it hard to even hear myself talking! I am planning to get a full head gear headphone for Christmas, but I am still saving money for it.
@Aziz1412 (36)
• Indonesia
24 Oct 12
i agree with you.. i use the beats too.. it's a good headphones.. you should try.. ;)
@McCreeper (781)
• United States
22 Oct 12
I honestly say that you shouldn't get beats headphones if you're wanting one that will last for a long time. I personally have not owned one myself, but the neighborhood I live in has plenty of people who wear them. According to my Audiophilic friend, you should get an over-the-ear set of headphones from Sennheisers. Last I heard, there is one that costs 50$ and listens to 320kbps music (Highest quality music). Just sayin', of course.
@mikyung (2234)
• Philippines
19 Oct 12
Go for the beats headphone. My brother has this one and I will be investing on that too. As it works to any brand of laptop. It really pays to have something branded, though it is somewhat costly, as it can last for a long time. Good luck.
@rameshchow (5284)
• India
19 Oct 12
my best advice is, we have to reduce the usage of head phone as much as possible. phillips is looking as the best in present markets.
@Strovek (870)
• Malaysia
19 Oct 12
I don't think you can have one headphone for life. I use to think that too but I know better now. First thing, what are you going to use it for? Since you mentioned chatting, then the headphone also needs microphone. Some of the newer notebooks have only one jack (2 in 1) instead of one jack for sound and one for microphone. The jacks may change in future or maybe go wireless. Some are using USB instead of the jacks (means you cannot use the same unit for both your mobile device and your notebook). Next do you need mobility. Some great head piece are bulky so not good to carry around. Personally, I have not really tried that many headsets. Logitech make some nice ones but a bit bulky.