My good and bad day...regards to opportunities and training/volunteer hours, etc

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October 20, 2012 3:46am CST
Hi there! Anyway my current situation is, I'm currently looking for a job and finding ways to earn some experience and update my resume. I currently just started attending this free training called "Document Scanning and Imaging" located in Buena Park where I can learn to scan and prep document files of medical records and learning some renaming and barcoding. I've attended or started training once or twice a week staring almost the end of august to beginning of september. Also to get a certificate of the class, you need atleast 20 to 25 hours completed. I've attended at least once or twice a week with 2 hours. I know i still need to learn more stuff there. I think I'm still slow... Also I felt I needed to try volunteering at hospital or medical place. I just started volunteering at Casa Colina in Pomona, CA this week for 2 hours 2 times this week. My friday October 19 situation, first I get a phone call from a recruiter from staffing agency company regarding a position of Medical Records on St Josephs in Orange and ask if I was still interested and looking for a job. I talked to her for a bit, she said she would set up interview for me with St Joseph Hospital on Monday. She also wanted to me to have some kind of form verification for graduating in high school. I did get copy of the transcript of high school and which says i graduated in 2001. She said she would give me a call back for a set interview time for monday but hasn't called me since after that. She said the reason why the position was open because the person whom st. joseph hired was unable to complete assignment due to personal reasons. She hasn't called me back since afternoon but I do hope she calls back on Monday. That part was good part but I've been applying to other jobs. I do hope to get an interview through recruiter for that medical records job. I hope to get a job soon as possible but I can't think too overconfident. Another part was that I also got a call from my mom saying to apply at her work for an IT help desk computers position which is also on my field that I graduated in. I applied for that. Here's the bad part of my day, it is in regards to the document scanning training school I'm attending. It is free training and I need to complete 25 hours. I have 24 1/2 hours completed. However, the program coordinator that always checks me off after i am done with hours each time i come in, her name is Susan, was not here today. She was off. However, I recently just attended once aweek 2 or 3 hours.. Since the program coordinator, Susan was not there. The owners Reema and AJ were there. They owned company of the document scanning training thing. However, Reema who is indian (pakistanish) not to be rude or anything, yes she's a nice person and all. But what it was, she was some mistakes I made in the training today. She said was concerned that I was not fast or didn't scanned much documents on the 2 hour time frame i came with. I had tech difficulties scanning medical record files. By the way the document scanning training is not hospital, it's a warehouse. She always kept eyefull watch at me and I felt not comfortable but I know she was probably right about me. I made some mistake with the scanning today. And also another mistake was the document prepping for a persons record. One of them I made mistakes. It just happened that I wasn't too detailed enough today. And I guess I was too excited about hearing phone calls about job and job interviews in my mind. I did try to be focus and on task. It seems that I was not good enough. I also told Reema about that I needed one hour more to complete to have 25 hours and she at first said she's not ready for me to have a certificate yet even if I'm almost done with the course. Then when she found at a minor mistake that I forgot to prep a missing paper file for for the document, and then she was frustrated. Then she said it like this "Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor"... and yes other people were there but busy doing their own thing. I felt what if those people heard Reema tell me off. Then Reema said "you know what, I don't think this thing is for you." "I'm sorry but I don't I'll let you continue on with this training program to get the certificate"..She said I made too many mistakes and I can't have to baby sit you. She feels I have know confident to work at the field. Then I asked her if I can start over again and she said she doesn't know or a no.. Then she I apologized sorry for all this. She said that I should call back and talk to Susan, the coordinator who is usually there but was off today about this. But when I almost was out the front, the worker Bianca was there. Ever since Reema let me go for the day and that I left, I cried and felt depressed the whole day. I felt embarassed. I'm guessing Reema is telling Bianca (another person) or leader about me. I can sense it. Eversince I walked out, I cried. But I didn't let Reema or Bianca know that I cried about what Reema said or feels. Now, I blew it with that document scanning training. I knew some parts of it but feels that I just lost that opportunity. I don't know if they will accept me back but I feel I need to talk to Susan about the situation or if I can use some stuff I learned even if i was kicked out.I'll admit that I need more practice and improvement. It's not even paid job. I will know that dealing with medical records is really confidential and really needs to be careful. I really don't know what to do anymore. The last option I have is volunteering at Casa Colina. Also the document scanning training is a warehouse that also holds medical records from medical offices to do the scanning and prepping. I think Susan said I need to know more Barcoding but I really don't know what would she think based on my not so good day on October 19 because was not there and was off that day. I'm too depressed and embarrassed. Reema was the one that found mistakes of mine today. I usually never made that mistake but since each medical record chart is from different companies, I guess their folder documents on the way set up is different than other providers. I hate my day. I really don't know and I should becareful ranting my day especially that. Plus all this bad day was also bad day because of traffic in the freeway and side street due to a truck that got knocked over and blocked freeway or something like that. I really don't know and I'm embarrassed what Reema said, even if it may be true. I just got so offended. I did not cry to her but I appologized for the mistake. I did ask if I can start over again and she said kinda like "no" or don't know yet.. Call back next week or Talk to susan. I really don't know if I will be able to come back, and even if I did or can be able to comeback, I really don't want to see Reema or AJ if they know of this. I'm already embarrassed as it is.. I know I need more practiced.. I guess i was also hyped up that i got some job call but I just hope I land a job soon so I can prove to these people that I can do those things and be focus and less or no mistakes. What are your thoughts of each paragraph? Has this happened to you? What would would you do in this situation? If you are on some training or volunteer work, and some leader says they think that you won't be fit for this kind of thing? how would you act? What should I do? Now that I almost done with hours on document scanning training, Reema says that i won't be able to get the certificate or something. She first said she would extend 10 more hours, but after some other mistakes (missing some paper from client file (not prepped correctly) she she say, she said "you know what, I don't think this is working for you or meant for you" Also she wanted to me to leave.. Now I can't find another document scanning training like that. I feel it's my fault but i feel bad and too depressed. Any thoughts and answers to the questions would be appreciated. Thanks, Eleanor
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@jkct02 (2859)
• Malaysia
21 Oct 12
Don't give up. That was just one of the many things that did not go our way in our life. Learn from it and try your best not to make the same mistakes. There are many more that are awaiting us to explore and learn. We don't have to prove to anyone if we have done our best. If our best is still not enough, then we just have to move on. We can not be good in everything. Know our limitation and make use of what we are good in. Ask to do the training again if they can allow. Be honest and sincere with the program coordinators. It is surely that you have to attain a certain level of proficiency in the course to be certified passed or else the cert is just meaningless paper. Do your best. If you are slow, then be quick. If you are careless, then pay more attention. If you still can not do it, there are still other courses. DON'T GIVE UP.
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25 Oct 12
Hi there! thanks for the response and tips. Yeah I learned my mistakes. I haven't talked to the document training yet. But aside from that is me volunteering at another place to gain experience as well. I'm not sure what Susan, the program coordinator will say. As for Rema, I haven't talked to her ever since last friday of that happening. I'm not sure if Rema told Susan about me about friday. So I feel ackward to comeback. I just want them to cool off for awhile. Thanks for the tip. Have you had this situation before? And I hope you are doing well.