losing mr. dream boy

October 20, 2012 1:02pm CST
Since i was in highschool. I keep on dreaming on this guy. Well in my dreams, a lucid dream he feel so realm Its like i can really feel his touch, i also know his face, smell, the way he talk to, the way he comforts me, in this dream of mine its like im living in world thats full of love. But when i woke up, i already forget his face, his name, almost everything. All i can remember was his getup his wearing a white shirt and a six pocket brown khaki short. I always dream of him when im sad, depresses, emotionaly burden but since 2011 i never dreamt of him again, i dont know why, until now im looking for answers why his gone? Then i ask my cousin about this, she told me that maybe the reasons why hes gone in my deams because our path has already crossed. Now im more confused. I wanted to know who is he? What does he really look like in reality..and why i dreamt of him before..
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@offlimits (601)
• Philippines
21 Oct 12
It is believed that you can only dream of people who you've encountered in your life previously, even for just once. That's how powerful our minds are - we are able to store memories and sometimes it goes into our unconscious and manifests only in a form of dreams. In my opinion maybe you've met him once but didn't really noticed him, so he appears in your dreams. Maybe you get to see him now everyday that's why he's gone in your dreams, or he's someone you're really close with. Sometimes our minds can even fill in the blurry images of our dreams maybe that's why you can't recall how he exactly looks like.
21 Oct 12
I love to see dream.
@GemmaR (8526)
20 Oct 12
It is strange when you keep dreaming about the same person, because this is something that not a lot of people are able to do. I have always wanted to be able to control my dreams but sadly this is something that I have never been able to manage yet but I do think I will keep trying. If you think about him before you go to bed then you might dream about him again because it is usually things that we see right before sleeping that we dream about because it is all about our minds working through things that we have seen during the course of the day.
• Philippines
21 Oct 12
i dont think of him cause i dont know him in reality. i just keep on dreaming about him (before) whenever I got problems but when im happy he will never show up in my dreams.. yeah i know its strange but some things really happen to other people. thanks
@HomeBase (1054)
• United States
21 Oct 12
I don't understand why you would let your cousin tell you that your paths have already crossed when you know that is not true. Well, wait... come to think of it, maybe it is true...maybe you know the person already. Maybe one day, someone that you already know, will wear the white shirt and khaki shorts that you have been seeing in your dream, and then you will know. I kind of think that if your paths already crossed then you would know what he looks like in reality. I think that you will meet this person in the future, you will know it's him because he will be wearing a white shirt and brown khaki shorts. Many people do not believe in this type of thing, but I believe it because I have experienced it. Not with every dream I have had, but with some of them. Or maybe the two of you will be out shopping and he buys these types of clothes. Or maybe you will be wearing white and khaki when you meet him. I think that you should just relax, keep your mind open about things, but don't get too upset and worried about it. Just live your life and be happy, he will show up soon enough.