October 20, 2012 8:39pm CST
don't be scared of finding love online. Take your cue from my firends lala and tom, and send your crush a friend invite on facebook. It could lead to happily ever after!
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@GemmaR (8526)
21 Oct 12
I am not single at the moment, but when I was I would look online for partners. I didn't like the way that people would be able to say whatever they wanted to and there would be no way of knowing whether they were telling the truth or not because you could not see their face. You wouldn't even know if they were giving you the right name, or telling you where they live, so I think that it is a lot better for you to meet people face to face that you would like to date if there is any chance that you are able to do so.
@akash009 (453)
• India
21 Oct 12
hello, in my opinion remaining single is the best thing. i am telling from my experiences. being in a relationship is a problem. there's a lot of problem that u have to face and that there's always tension. most of the people always end up sad and heartbroken. i think remaining single is the best thing that can happen to anybody. i suggest people to remain single as long as they can be. that's the only way u can be happy in your life. take my advice. i am telling you from my practical experience.
• United States
21 Oct 12
I have a mn so there is not one person out there for me. I am sure it would be nice if I were not taken already.