Do you also think like me..?

October 21, 2012 11:54am CST
I have already informed you guys that i think about lots of things which others don't think! Also said one.And now the second one.. Here it is, is there any existence of life rather than earth,if so do those believe a god not in the form a 'god' but as a Supreme one.Can there be beautiful nature as in earth?.Are there people like me thinking like this out there?.Hoping to contact the living beings on earth? So on Please leave your opinions friends.
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@prashu228 (25589)
• India
22 Oct 12
yes , of course i believe that, there is life on other planets too. Scientists are still investigating , and we will definitely have the result one day. Yes of course , God may in another form there. The people on the other planets may be more intellects than us, bigger in size or may be smaller even than us. If they are giants ,one day they may occupy the earth and may treat us like how we treat the animals and birds on earth now. If they are tiny ,they may have some external power too, which may cause harm to us, like how the micro organisms do. Hehe, you may be fed up ,right? i always think all these sort of things and also more interested in Stephan Hawking's and others scientists works. your thoughts.
• Philippines
21 Oct 12
Many people have thought about those problems and scientists are baffled today regarding those subjects as they lack evidence. I mean, how could they know if there is existence in other planets or in any other galaxies if our technology is still not as advanced and there are a million galaxies to visit. It would take until the end of the world to traverse them all. He he.. Anyway, I believe earth is enough for existence. All of us people are unique even our thinking methods but we consequently lead us to the same destination or opinion. Have a good day. Cheers