Taylor Swift Red

United States
October 22, 2012 12:33pm CST
I just went out and bought Taylor Swift's new cd Red. I've been a fan of her for years and there's something about her songs that just speak to me. Once I found out her new album would be released today I've been anxiously waiting. I already bought it and have been listening to the songs. It seems to be a pretty good album but I will say I am a bit disappointed about the things she sings about in this new cd. I love Taylor Swift because there's always songs that make me feel a certain way or just really explain my life. But this cd there's not many songs that are like that for me. The songs are good, but I don't have that special connection to them. When lyrics to a song fit my life or make me think of my boyfriend and I, I tend to really love that song and it has a special meaning. So far there was only one song on this new album that really made me feel something. The album is good, but I am a bit disappointed that I didn't really have any connections to the songs on this new album like I have in her other albums. There's a ton of songs on her other cds that I relate to and my boyfriend listens to them and he loves them because he also thinks of us when he listens to them. We always drive around listening to her songs but this new album just seems different than the rest. Maybe I have to listen to it a few more times and really listen to the music. I think the cd is good, but I guess I was just hoping for songs I could personally relate to.
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@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
22 Oct 12
Thanks a ton for posting this discussion. Well i too have always acknowledged the talent that Swift has in her and that completely shows in her albums as well. She shows professional at its level best and i have liked her new single Red as well. i know some of the songs have fared well but i am expecting much more than her as she is a class apart and hopefully she comes out with something exciting in her next single. What say?
• United States
22 Oct 12
I like that single as well. It has the same feel as some of her older songs and I love it. Her first single released from this new album (Never Ever Getting Back Together) completely shocked me and I can't stand that song because it sounds totally different from her other songs and it's more like an annoying pop song. Luckily the rest of her songs on this new album aren't like that and they're actually pretty good. I just wish I could relate to them more. She always has songs that really go with my life and on this album there aren't many to relate to.
@mikyung (2234)
• Philippines
23 Oct 12
I'm not really a Taylor Swift fan, but I really enjoy her songs, Not to mention that she is beautiful lady with overflowing concert scenes with cute guys following her. i know that her latest single will be a hit. I will surely buy a copy of her CD, for my wife, of course. Thanks