Tiger or Rory?

October 22, 2012 3:48pm CST
Who do you think is the better player right now...Tiger or Rory? I think Rory is the more consistent player, but I don't think you can put him above Tiger. When push comes to shove, I'd pick Tiger anyday over Rory in terms of pure heart and talent. I have the utmost respect for Rory and think he's a great player, but I still think Tiger is the best player in the world even though the rankings may not show it. Yes he's gone through a lot over the past few years with his personal life and swing changes etc etc...but I think he's back and ready to take charge in 2013 and get back to his winning ways, especially in majors. Move over Rory, there's a "new" man coming back on top! Thoughts???
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