Who is working at Elance?

October 22, 2012 8:10pm CST
Hi mylotters! I just created an account with Elance hoping that I could get more jobs with higher rates to probably help me save and make my dreams turn into reality. I just want to solicit some tips, advises or suggestions from those mylotters out there who have been working at Elance. Thanks in advance and happy mylotting ^_^
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@aprilsong (1886)
• China
14 Dec 12
Well, there is fierce competition on Elance. But it is really a good site. The people are helpful and the support center is always ready to give support. I have joined this site for more than half year. And I only got one job there. Though the client gave me good feedback, it is still hard to get noticed by other clients when you submit a proposal. Because there are too many excellent workers in this site. My advice is don't give up and just remember: all things are difficult before they are easy. Best wishes to you!
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@Downwindz (2231)
• Netherlands
30 Oct 12
Hello winbiz08 I do have an account at Elance, but I do not tend to get my bids accepted - instead I find clients and work through a freelancing website called oDesk. I have now alot of returning clients with work for me every month on oDesk :) But ofcause it takes a bit of time to build up a portfolio.
• Philippines
15 Nov 12
Although i don't have any experience at Elance.com i do have some success projects worked on Odesk. Yes, it may take time for you to get accepted on various posted jobs at odesk but the employers there are trusted and legit. But if you take up quizzes on odesk makes your profile more visible and more employer's will consider you as their applicant if you meet their expectations.
@erikmama (12929)
• United States
6 Jan 13
I haave been working on Elance for quite some time time. I really like it. In the few months I have had a membership I have built quite a good reputation there and seem to get my bids accepted regularyl. My adive to you would be: 1- Start out small. You need to prove that you can provide quality in your area and may need to take jobs for less amount that what you would like. Onc you have a few positive feedbacks, you can ask for more money. 2- Do what you say, when you say you will do it. Just one negative review can harm you! 3- Take the jobs that you are comfortable doing. I make good money on Elance and hope that you will as well!