a heart to heart talk with my boss..

@eiram23 (422)
October 23, 2012 3:08am CST
For the past few days since our team leader resigned and we were assigned a new team leader, it has been rough for me. There has never been a day I am surveyed negatively and it's kinda alarming on my part. I felt demotivated!! I don't know if I was just so tired or i just dont like it anymore, it's just so shameful on my part to received negative reviews. But nonetheless, I keep striving. I am trying to show that I am capable of doing my job. Getting commendations are some of my proof that I can be somebody, that I can do it. But unfortunately I am hit with all these negative reviews. I am just so thankful my new boss is always there to guide me. She says she believed in me. She says I can do it. Which I myself is aware I can do better if I am not demotivated. For a week now she has been constantly coaching me. I feel great. Thinking she cares about me is just so perfect. And just today before we end the shift , we had a scheduled meeting together. It is just so natural. She have gievn me beautiful insights that I can apply to my daily life especially when it comes to our job. She help me realized how important my jos is and she help me realize how important I am in attaining the company's success. It feels great when you feel your importance right?
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@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
27 Oct 12
Good thing that your new boss is very accommodating and helpful. We sometimes go into a phase where we seem to be in our lowest point. And what we need is someone who can boost our morale so that we could do our jobs better and also help us become a better person. Don't be affected too much about those negative reviews. Take them as your guide to make you a much better individual.
@Raine38 (9193)
• United States
24 Oct 12
You are lucky that despite the transition and the negative reviews, you have a boss like that who is genuinely concerned with your performance. She seems like a good leader and motivator. Some bosses wouldn't give their time of day to each and every subordinate that they have because they are too "busy" doing "boss stuff". Good luck and I hope you receive good reviews soon.
• United States
23 Oct 12
you hanve to work to do your part, if you dont ,and dont want to then you should quit. Stop accepting pay and not dpoing the job.something is wrong if you need every day en couragement.eing nursed along. stand back and take alook at your self and your job performance, then do better witrh out being nursed along.
@julyteen (13259)
• Davao, Philippines
23 Oct 12
I remember my Boss, he said if we observe our fingers why the 5 are not equal. It's similar to our job performance. Not all are smart and good. We should consider others who are slow and need understanding. Even they are like that still we need them because we work as a team. Even not all are good if all members of the team do their part, there would be a success.