I got confused!

United States
October 24, 2012 8:59am CST
Hi guys, I'm a new here,I used thought that gadgets means mouse,webcams,or something USB...And what's your guys talking about seems larger.
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• Philippines
1 Dec 12
Well dear mouse, webcams, USB and all. Those would pertain to computer peripherals or accessories and all. Gadgets are those electronic stuff that can work fine even without other electronic - let's say tablets, computers, phones and all. Computers would work even without webcams or USB or mouse (Although of course it would really really be difficult because you'll have to memorize keyboard shortcuts.
@pgiblett (6595)
• Canada
29 Oct 12
Well it could mean that, but it can also mean a whole lot more. I see gadgets as any useful device that can in some small way improve our lives. There are plenty of software gadgets as well.
@romzee (938)
• Philippines
28 Oct 12
Well, I'm getting confuse too. I can't seem to grasp what you meant in your discussion. Are you interested in gadgets and/or you misunderstood what gadget is? Mouse,webcams or usb are not gadgets. They are computer device. Cell phone, smart phone, tablet, notebook - this are some example of gadget. There are lot of discussion here, and gadget is just one of the many topic you can find here. By the way, welcome to my lot. Cheers!
@meowchie (992)
• Philippines
24 Oct 12
It's everything under the sun here :D
• Philippines
24 Oct 12
Well, i could not get your topic so far but i think what you mean is that you thought mylot is used by people everywhere that talks about gadgets such as what you listed above. If so, then you are true about mylot having a much wider area of topics. From the most minute detail up to the complex topic you could ever imagine. Anyway, let me be the first or the second to welcome you here in mylot. It is a fun learning environment as it helps you have fun learning and earning some extra income as well. Just enjoy and you will develop your personal and social skills as well as communication skills. Have a great day and enjoy!