Who among you have received their first Clickbank check?

October 24, 2012 10:39pm CST
Hey guys! I just want to share something about my experience with Clickbank a year ago. I was not really serious about making money with Clickbank, until my friend from Thailand convinced me to promote his own high converting Clickbank product into my own two year old blog. Not only that, I am also promoting and reviewing few Clickbank products that are related to internet marketing. Even famous bloggers like John Chow, Zac Johnson and Ian Fernando liked this product, and I am convinced to promote this Clickbank product once and for all. After I keep updating and promoting my own blog for weeks I think, I forgot to check my Clickbank balance if I did made a sale. As I checked my balance, I made my first sale of $23+ something. I was like..WOW! I can't believe that I already made a sale. So I keep going until I reached the minimum threshold of $100. Since I will be requesting payout for the first time, I need to comply with the Clickbank's customer distribution requirement (CDR). To be eligible for payouts, transactions must be coming from five different credit cards (Paypal only counted as one). So I am having a hard time, because most of them are using Paypal to buy cheap products under my affiliate link. After a few months, I have finally meet the Customer Distribution Requirement and my check is on the way! After almost a month of waiting, my dad give me an envelope from Clickbank, and I was SHOCKED! I opened it and I have a check amounting to $179. Holy cow! I immediately screenshot it myself to remember my first check before I cash it to my passbook account. Most of the banks (even my main one) doesn't accept foreign checks for peso account. The only bank that really accept this kind of check for peso savings account was Philtrust. It took me 45 days to wait, as the clearing period was so long. But it didn't matter. After 45 days of waiting and checking my balance if it credited or not, it DID! Oh yeah! It means that Clickbank is not a joke, it's for real! I am so thrilled to continue my journey to make more money with Clickbank. Till now, I keep on learning and trying every method that can let me make a lot of money with Clickbank affiliate program. What about you guys? Did you received a Clickbank check too?
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