what to do its raining here again?

@Ynrhea (69)
October 25, 2012 3:28am CST
I woke up early to finish the laundry today, I am glad sun rises again. hoping that my clothes will dried up. Because of too much tired i fall asleep, to late to realize it was raining again and i haven't get the dried clothes, its all wet again. what will i do next? I love rainy season but this was the first time so far that i can remember that i was disappointed by the rain. :(
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• Philippines
26 Oct 12
It is just because your laundry is wet again. That made you disappoint with the weather. Laundry that are wet because of rain will make your clothes smells bad. So, try to wash it again and put some conditioner (downy) to make it smell good and dry it on dryer. ^_^
@Bhebelen14 (5206)
• Philippines
25 Oct 12
Really this day is good for sleeping but I need to contribute more now in order to hit the payout before the month ends. I love rainy season either, to make things colder because for the past few weeks it was so hot in here. Sometimes, I love to watch my favorite TV series, marathon it is, I'm into easy reading while listening to my favorite music. Thanks
@Raine38 (9195)
• United States
25 Oct 12
Well since you are stuck inside the house, maybe you can catch up on some reading or movies. Or start decorating for Christmas if you and your family are into that sort of thing. Or even try to straighten out rooms. I know these may not be as enjoyable as any activity but we have no choice, it is better than go crazy doing nothing LOL! Or you can mylot.
@chiyosan (30206)
• Philippines
25 Oct 12
i love the rainy season too if it is going to be really cool. but then i hate it, when its really non stop raining and everything, and everywhere here in the city is just wet... =( other locations might be flooded even. =(
@keixarie (186)
• Philippines
25 Oct 12
I love the sounds of rain :) Yes it is raining here in our country and we can't do anything unless it is just inside the house. Regarding to your wet clothes, I remembered the story of my friend when she want to go laundry and yet it is rainy,especially her uniform. She used the heat the back of their refrigerator and leave it there until tomorrow and yes.. it is very effective. :)
@rog0322 (2834)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
25 Oct 12
Hi, Its raining, time to take a break. Get out the hot water to warm up with coffee or hot soup. I love the rains bringing in cooler weather if the rivers don't overflow due to excess thereof. The laundry can wait until tomorrow, leave it hanging on the shade to drip dry on the air until the sun shines once more.