The Word "Prejudice"

@edvc77 (2143)
October 26, 2012 10:32am CST
I wonder at times why some people are unfair to others. One time, I had lunch with my co-employees in a food center. The table we chosed was filled then with dishes and we were all seated. I had four companions. And I had one companion with different race from ours. The waiter came and got all the plates on the table except the plate placed in front of my companion with different race. He really did not get the plate and it took minutes then we told the waiter to get the plate. We were all surprised and we looked at our companion with different race so disgusted. Another story, a lady who went shopping in a mall who wore a shirt and shorts with slippers on. While shopping she approached the saleslady, however, the saleslady ignored her rather assisted the one who wore dress elegantly. She was actually in vacation and the lady was so disappointed. Stories like this are really discouraging. I really wonder why? How I wish and pray that all people will be fair with each other. Do you think this is possible nowadays?
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@STOUTjodee (3476)
• United States
26 Oct 12
People aren't just unfair to races, they can also be rude to people with mental or physical handicaps. People just don't understand or want to accept that other people are different from themselves. Sometimes people are prejudice against a certain race because they have had a bad experience with that race. I know my grandfather wasn't going to my cousin's wedding because she was marrying some one of a different race. I asked him why, after all that was his own granddaughter! He told me that one time he had a personal problem with a person of the same nationality that his granddaughter was marrying, and he said the marriage would never work, so why bother going to the wedding. I told him what about my sister, she married a man that was the same race as we were and he beat her, stole money from people and was a very bad person. Does that mean that just because she had a problem with someone of our race, we should hate all men of our race? I guess something must have touched home, because he went to his granddaughter's wedding. At the time, I was young, so maybe putting in the way of a child, he was taking in a new perspective, I don't know?
@edvc77 (2143)
• Philippines
26 Oct 12
Thanks for your response. It is true maybe one of the reasons is that some people just don't understand or want to accept that other people are different from themselves. I think it needs maturity in life on this part. Thanks again and best regards!
@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
26 Oct 12
Yes being a mexican and having live din the usa. I saw alot of predujice there. It always made me sad. Why do people do this?