....nationalism and the global stage

October 26, 2012 12:18pm CST
I have been thinking (and I did and a lot) about the advantages of using nationalism or patriotism in a world of multi-cultures and sometimes, multi-nationalism. In the modern age where we live globalization, is it possible to keep the ideology of nationalism alive with various merging or even blurring of cultures and national identities. I also kind of wonder how people form different cultures find their identitr\y (national and personal) in this world or in multi-cultural countries like the US. This is also a case for other countries with high migration rates. SO what do you think?
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• Philippines
26 Oct 12
We can compete in the global economy and a lot of Filipinos have proven it. others don't believe in patriotism but still remembers being a filipino. I hate it, i hate the fact that filipinos leave the country because they don't have a choice, but their children will have a future in offshore countries. just remember where you were born and the heritage
• Philippines
29 Oct 12
Yes. I also hate the people are forced to live their nation-home to work for a living. However, my question is more pointed to people with mixed heritage, If you are a half-Fil and Half-American , which culture does one identify the most and espouses as citizen of?