No emails from inbox doller.

October 26, 2012 11:00pm CST
I have registered as member in inbox dollar few days back.But yet i didn't got any emails or surveys.Why is that.Can i earn from inbox dollar.
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• India
27 Oct 12
Hi friend, i am also a member there, but don't get any messages from this site. I am from India and this site is not good for Indians. If you are from US, you can make a good income from this site.
27 Oct 12
Yes Prakash, I even dint get any Mails till now. Also, I got scared by seeing their Cashout limit. Maybe It'l take 1 year for me to reach that. Maybe it is useful to US people.
• Malaysia
27 Oct 12
Yes that should be the reason.That site should be good for us people and not for Asians.I am new to e money.What are the good site to earn for earn in Asians.
@elramz (25)
28 Oct 12
Its difficult to find a legit site who can pay real money now. There's a lot of scums here now.How i wish that there is a real online job that can pay us. Do you have any other job know where we can earn more?
• United States
27 Oct 12
Log into your account and see what it says. I know I have to log into my inbox dollars account to retrieve my emails and surveys. I have done that a lot and make money although at times it takes a while to make payout. It does pay. I wish you all the best.