I'm getting pissed off by Opera..

@lady1993 (20447)
October 26, 2012 11:18pm CST
This is the browser i use for mylot and it crashes a few times each day. i have no idea why. I do have the latest version and i am just mylotting, but it closes immediately, without any warning. Anyone have the same problem. And sometimes right in the middle when i am posting or answering a discussion.
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@TLilly12 (1230)
• United States
22 Mar 13
The same thing happen to me to then when I went to uninstall Opera they had the nerve to ask me why was I uninstalling the browser, I checked because it crashed too much, they need to fix what they have, if the want someone to use it.
@zeedo666 (150)
• Poland
27 Oct 12
Oh no! Throw the latest version away and download a previous one. I noticed that Opera started to wark several times slower than it used to after the latest update.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
27 Oct 12
Not all of our favorite programs can be great in every version, I love Firefox and Dragon (a Comodo Chrome with more security) so I wouldn't change them at all but I'm not satisfied with Firefox so now I only use it for the add ons cause they are really good in this one. Maybe you should use another and when the next Opera's out you try.
@artemeis (4069)
• China
27 Oct 12
Sounds like your browser is experiencing some corruption issues and it would be better for you to uninstall and reinstall it after rebooting your computer. How it happened could be due to various reasons like recent installation or removal of certain programs, an conflict with a recent update, registry change due to a recent clean up of the system or registry corruption due to malware or spyware. So, I would run an update on whatever malware protection and anti virus program, then do a full system scan to clear the computer of any unfriendlies.