Who is the main villain of the New World Saga

@rodnac (187)
October 27, 2012 12:49am CST
The New World Saga started on episode 517 with the return of the straw hats crew after they were separated in Sabaody Archipelago. they acquire new skills and improve their old ones. We are now in the third arc of the New world saga (in the manga). Straw hats already been to Fishman Island now they are in the new world and they already declare war with Big Mum pirates and they already encounter Doflamingo Donquixote crew so who is the main enemy of this Saga the only people for me that are the candidates are Big Mum or DoFlamingo Donquixote. To recap here are the Main Enemies of each Saga East Blue Saga : No one in particular but in terms of built up I will say Arlong Baroque Works Saga : It will be Crocodile Skypeia Saga : It will be Enel CP9 Saga : Rob Lucci Whitebeard War Saga : No one really stands out as the main enemy, I'll just say the Marines or the World government.
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