When you really love someone

October 30, 2012 9:20am CST
When You Really Love Someone Age Distance Height And Weight Is Just A Number Is really true that if you really love someone,all the barrier like age,distance,height and weight is just a number to you and you will not even thinking about it as a problem in sometime in love cause in real love, all those number like in age,distance,height and weight is just a challenger for the both couple to be in together only.The true love will automatic solving many problem if the couple made a commitment to have a real love and decide to be together. Love is use to be in easy,so don't think it as so complicated as you think. Are you agree with the love quote above,your view,comment and love story according to the quote above, can be sharing on here?
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@Sindelle (830)
• United States
30 Oct 12
While I do believe you still need to be attracted to the person physically a good personality and a kind heart are the things that matter most. I'm rather tall and once I dated a man that was only 5"4. I got made fun of for it all the time but I didn't care. He was very nice to me and I was the one who was dating him.
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
30 Oct 12
I kind of think appearance DOES count in a relationship. Because we have to be attracted physically to the loved one... like if a guy gets to know a skinny girl, who then lets her hair down and becomes 5 times as fat as she used to be, I understand the guy who starts to feel that he isn't attracted anymore, especially if he talked about it in a gentle manner, and the girl is like "You should love me anyway, so f.ck off". But apart from extreme examples, of course, people who decide on numbers only is an idiot.
@redredrose (1107)
• United States
30 Oct 12
They say love is unconditional which means you love someone no matter their height weight or age or looks of any kind. You only don't love someone if they treat you badly lie steal cheat those kinds of things. The way a person looks the color of their skin their age isn't what makes them a good or bad person. So moveadlung 76 i agree with you on this discussion and i thin if you truly love someone looks age weight height and distance don distance doesn't matter at all.
@GemmaR (8526)
30 Oct 12
I completely agree with this, and I think that this is just something that a lot of people have never managed to get their heads around. I was always quite overweight when I was younger, and because of this I thought that I would never be able to find somebody who loved me for the person I was. But then I found a man who did, and it made me realise that I had been worrying over nothing for so long because of the fact that the person who I loved was always out there for me, and he would appreciate me for who I was and not what I looked like.