On my way to living a fit life....

@trisha27 (3498)
United States
October 31, 2012 3:11am CST
I've decided to start exercising again, and losing a few pounds. I've realized that I'm starting to pick up a little weight. Not a lot, but just a little and I'm like I can't let myself go. So, I started doing some belly dancing and not only is it hard to do, but I think that it is fun as well. I really enjoy doing belly dancing and I think that I will keep up with it and hopefully get to my goal weight that I want to be. I just need to lose 10 pounds and I'll be down to were I want to be. Anyone else done belly dancing or any type of dancing and have you lost weight. Tell your story. And thanks for sharing.
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• China
31 Oct 12
I used to lost weight by running but that is not effective.
@trisha27 (3498)
• United States
31 Oct 12
I've always wanted to do some running too, but I guess I just never started with it and plus the place that I live is not safe, because there are a lot of stray dogs that roam the street. I have thought about going to the park that is down my street to do some running, just never got around to it. Belly dancing though I think I will stick to.
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
31 Oct 12
That is really a good way to start. Having an objective to lose weight is good start in losing weight and the rest that is left is determination to exercise everyday !! Belly dancing is good but if it's too tired try some other simple exercise as well. Yoga is another way out also yea.
@HeartROB (434)
• Philippines
31 Oct 12
That is really nice for you. I have done exercising but not belly dancing or any dancing sort of way of losing weight. But I am doing some exercises. Hope you will reach your goal soon. It is just a mere discipline and losing weight would be really easy. Have a nice day my friend, keep it up!!
@mr_pearl (5037)
• India
31 Oct 12
Hi... Thanks a lot, your post is kind of a reminder to me to start exercising... I'm gonna work out, starting today... And I'll supply my body with eggs and milk... I used to be a macho, before some years... Now, I've got a belly LOL... But I'm gonna begin today and in another 4 weeks, I'll have my old body back... Flat belly, nice chest and my arms in shape... Thanks a lot my friend. You've brought me back to senses, if its not too much too say... :-)