Swallowed Puke

October 31, 2012 10:37pm CST
I was riding a bus towards a certain place with very curved roads that results to dizziness and headache. Upon arriving at my destination, I really felt sick and I can tell that I am about to vomit. There was a lot of people there during that incident and then I puked, but I contained it in my mouth because I am pretty paranoid on the people around me. Instead of spitting it out, I swallowed my puke. It was a very awful experience considering the acidity of the puke that I swallowed. Have you tried swallowing your puke?
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• United States
1 Nov 12
lol...reading this question made me wanna puke in my mouth. I use the phrase all the time but other than like a pukey burp or something I've never actually puked and swallowed it. I have to say I'm glad...YUCK!
• Philippines
1 Nov 12
It was indeed a very yuck experience of mine. Having such experience is pretty much something to tell my friends about, especially when we are eating.