He is the Only Person in the World Who Conquered the AIDS so far!

@AKRao24 (21173)
November 1, 2012 12:21pm CST
This is a column about the man who defeated the death by conquering the deadly ailment AIDS which was having no treatment so far in the medical science. Yes that is true. Timothy Brown is the only person in the World who got completely cured of AIDS. Timothy Brown a 46 years old man was suffering from AIDS and he is perfectly alright now after getting a blood stem cell transfusion from a matching donor in 2007 without any traces of HIV viruses in his blood. Now he is perfectly healthy and don’t suffer any more like in the past except for the minor ailments like common cold etc. which any normal people can have. This feat could be achieved by transfusing blood stem cells to cure leukemia. In fact Brown is very lucky to have the transplant of those stem cells from a donor who is genetically mutated which made him resistant against the AIDS. Such mutations occur in less than 1% of the population. About 70 donors have to be tested to get this matching donor by the experts for Brown. According to Dr. Lawrence Petz, the director of “StemCyte” an Institute dealing with blood stem cell transplantation, the process of curing AIDS in case of Brown was a complicated one as the blood stem cells were donated by an adult donor which requires very close match between the donor and the recipient. He feels that it is much easier to find donor matches from umbilical blood as such close match is not required with such blood. Things are not that easy with umbilical blood too. Dr. Petz’s team has tested 17000 samples of umbilical blood samples and could get only 102 samples with such mutant genes against AIDS. They have performed cord blood transplant in one HIV patient few months back and they are going to do another transplant in a similar patient later this year in Spain. This will take some months to see the effects of this transplant on these patients with HIV. Dr. Petz feels that this can be performed successfully in future and it is just matter of time. Timothy Brown said that he don’t want to be the only person to have got cured of AIDS in the World. He feels guilty as the only person to have been cured of this virus while million of people are still live with it. He wants cure for every one and hopes that his success story will inspire others patients suffering from AIDS, that the cure is possible.
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@md_som (29)
• India
2 Nov 12
wow i never heard of this incident that someone victim of aids has been cured completely well i must say that guy was lucky enough..its miracle..wow i am happy that doctors are working on this deadly disease hope they find a nice and working treatment for this disease.. thanks
@sweety_81 (2129)
• India
2 Nov 12
This incident of using Stem cells to cure AIDS, is an inspiring one, and also makes many hopeful for a treatment. However, the cost of such a procedure would be very high so far, and only a very few people have actually benefitted from it. (1 in million ratio). So, still prevention is better than cure in case of AIDS, at least for a few more years to come.