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November 1, 2012 12:22pm CST
Which country or region would you suggest the people to visit first in order to come nearer and nearer to experiencing the real beauty of nature? In my opinion one should visit the countries in the order: INDIA,AFRICA,EUROPE,AMERICA,ATLANTIC...
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@marguicha (97232)
• Chile
6 Mar 13
There is natural beauty of diferent kinds in many partso of the world. I live in South America. In my country, Chile, I can see the dryest desert in the world up north (the Atacama desert). yet, once in a while, a few drops of rain fall and the desert blooms. Sometimes the seeds lie dormant for years waiting for the rain to come. In my same country we have beautiful forests, big lakes and powerful volcanoes. And to the far south you can see the eternal ice. Out country`s souththern part goes as far as the south pole. And that`s just one country. I bet all of us can say a lot for our own country.
• Indonesia
9 Nov 12
All place that have you said is beautiful. And That place have special place that will show us the nature beauty place. I more prefer go to country that have tropical session cause I like beach panorama. It can make me feel fresh and always happy. I will run on beach every day.
@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
2 Nov 12
I found New Zealand to be the most beautiful and majestic looking place. It has great natural beauty in my opinion. I visited the North Island and said wow it is really glorious. The person told me to wait until I saw the South Island. Indeed I found it even more majestic. I did two of the long distance walks: the Abel Tasman along beaches and the Queen Charlotte along the sounds. Wow! I saw stunningly beautiful beaches in the Seychelles. I love to see white sandy beaches and green palm trees. The granite rocks added more beauty to those lovely beaches. The snorkeling was superb. It is a shame it is so expensive to go there.