barca vs madrid

November 2, 2012 12:39am CST
i think barca and madrid are the best team on the world now and they are have more best player on the world in spain barca have messi and madrid have ronaldo don't forget about manager, madrid with jose mourinho and barca with tito vilanova how if barca or madrid have 2 best player in one team, such as messi and ronaldo in barca or messi and ronaldo in madrid ??? i think it's not to good because football need teamwork and not only personal skill, and i think like this (messi in barca and ronaldo in madrid) this competition is good ... how about you??? share your opinions here ...
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@adhyz82 (36262)
• Indonesia
8 Nov 12
ervanaryanto, just correct..this is my suggestion if you want to get many respond, just share about football or soccer in soccer interest.. so you can get many respond.. mylot can`t distinguish the difference meaning soccer and football but for us, we prefer choose sharing about football (champions league, bundesliga, EPL, la liga, serie A and so on) in soccer interest thank you
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9 Nov 12
oh yeah thank very much i think soccer and footbal are same but i just get inform that they are different perhaps next time you an help me to give any informs about mylot because i'm a new member thanks again
@shm1975 (38)
3 Nov 12
Actually i am fan of rel Madrid ,so i think ronaldo is good to be in Madrid . Messi is also good.Your option also nice that both club in ter change their key player so that we can get a good football .But i am not agree with you on the condition of both player in a same team because in this case the team becomes extremely strong no one can cope with it,so the game become one sided & boring.
• Indonesia
5 Nov 12
thanks for your respon your reasons is good if they are in same team the game will be boring, i agree with you how about two manager jose and tito what do you think about them? are you like jose mourinho because you are fan madrid ???
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
2 Nov 12
Those two teams are surely playing soccer at the highest level but i always believe soccer is a eleven game so even having Excellence individual like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo does not necessary mean you will surely win the game. Do give some credits to the midfield and defence especially players in Barcelona like Victor Valdes, Xavi, Initesta and Carlos Puyol played their part in creating the chances and securing the goal. No doubt Spanish La Liga is one of the most exciting soccer league in the world currently but somehow losses out to EPL due to marketing and branding issue in England.
• Indonesia
5 Nov 12
thanks for your respon i agree with you soccer need teamwork not only individual player but now they are (messi and ronaldo ) became top player in spain or in the world i think they are good player now, and others like (valdes GK, Iniesta mid, etc) they are good player too how about the manager jose mourinho and tito vilanova do you think they are the best manager???
@r1buts (74)
• Indonesia
19 Mar 13
this my opinion...i am a real madrid supporterbut i also like barcelona. there are two great teams in spain. match two teams has always been a special concern for the lover of football. i love madrid because ronaldo there. ronaldo has never played in the English primer so i think his ability is tasted. maybe if messi played in the English primeir i could change my mind.