Hurricane Sandy Telethon

United States
November 2, 2012 7:46pm CST
I turned on my t.v. tonight and flipped to an HBO channel on cable and saw a telethon for the relief effort of hurricane Sandy. I saw singers singing and people saying give money or blood and people from my town going to the eastern seaboard to help out. Paramedics Red Cross etc were on their way to help out. I saw this and i started to cry it broke my heart was so heart wrenching to see these people like this without homes jobs food anything to keep warm as the weather gets colder there. One lady said she had two 20 month old children and said how am i suppose to care for them i have nothing and i just cried like a baby and prayed they would be ok. I saw the devastation on t.v. and it looked like a war zone and i cried again. I wish i had all the time money food clothes blood that they need that i could give to help them out of this right now. I am out of work and my hubby is the only one working right now and we are near broke so we can give any money but i thought id give blood to the Red Cross for them or some canned food like a food drive for them. I guess i feel as bad for them as i do because this wasn't a planned thing not something they did to themselves. I wish i could just wave my hands or a magic wand or go back in time and make like it never happened. I don't know anyone that was hit by Sandy as i live in St. Louis Missouri but i still feel for these people and wish i could help. It just tears my heart out to see the devastation. I pray these people will come back from better than ever and prayers to all those good luck to all in coming back from this disaster.
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@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
3 Nov 12
Thanks a ton for sharing such discussion. Well yes Hurricane Sandy will always etch itself in the history books of USA as it caused such panic among the people but thankfully no such devastation news came from their end. See nature's fury is unpredictable and unstoppable. We can only take preventive measures to reduce its furious effects but cannot avert it. We have to have preventive measures ready with us and stay alert every time whenever a disaster strikes. What say?
• United States
4 Nov 12
I say the same thing you did. I heard tho that the mayor of a city in New Jersey told the people to stay in that city during Sandy after the governer told them to leave if possible. So sad to say if those people got hurt i'm not as upset over that because they chose to stay when they could have left. I do think we can only do so much when taking preventive measure against things like this. They say Sandy was the worst hurricane in US history.