@rubyroy (824)
November 2, 2012 11:12pm CST
When relationship becomes bondage's what will you do? When they hurt you more than the share of love they give,what will you do? When their abuses are more than their benefit,what will you do? When you keep on sacrificing to keep the relationship,what will you do? When you keep on giving with no returns,what will you do? When relationship brings shackles and discomfort,how will you tide over? When you see futility in relationships,what will you do? Friends give an answer,if you have got one.
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@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
3 Nov 12
it easier said than done to just leave the relationship. this is what first comes to mind, but if often takes more than that. you have to become tired with holding out hope that things will change. this process is different for everyone. it takes some people years to leave a bad or abusive relationship. we are creatures of habit and we don't like change. even if something is miserable, at least we are use to it. it IS a shame, but you can get use to something bad. you can get complacent with it. that's when you say you are "stuck" in a bad relationship. no one can un-stick you but you. as i said before, the time when someone is ready to get un-stuck is different for everybody. however, they do know way in advance that the relationship is one they shouldn't be in. that's the painful part.
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@mydanods (6735)
• Nigeria
3 Nov 12
you implied the answer yourself: move over to something else. no use carrying shackles and discomfort as a baggage or load.
@rubyroy (824)
• India
6 Nov 12
Give all into the Hands of Jesus Christ,He will help you to carry your burdens.He will make them light by breaking the bondage's and thus make you free you from difficult situations and relationship..
5 Nov 12
it should be a give and take relationship, if the other side is just taking the benefits without giving then you cansee that he/she doesn't value the relationship at all