telling one stranger apart from the other especially when they are foreigners

@mydanods (6735)
November 2, 2012 11:24pm CST
the fact that chinese resemble themselves is well known. I used to think like that but after years of living and doing business with them, about more than ten years, that saying does not apply again when it comes to the chinese. i can tell them apart by facial and other signs. it really takes time. i believe other persons have experience like myself with foreigners who live in their neighborhood.
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• Philippines
6 Nov 12
That's because they have a different culture. They have a different way of life so you can't expect them to have the same ways as you do. My friend introduced me to a Thai who looks like a Filipino. I thought she was originally a Filipino, and moved to Thailand for most of her life, and I expected her to have pretty much the same mannerisms as Filipinas, but no. She was totally different. She had a feminine stint that differs from Filipinas.
@williamjisir (22902)
• China
3 Nov 12
Hello mydanods. I am Chinese and I find your discussion very interesting. In fact, it is the same with us before a lot of foreigners came to China for business or study and so on. Now I can well tell about the difference among those foreigners I meet. I work with some foreigners in the same office. Take care and have a great day.