Which countries produce best ghost/horror movies?

November 3, 2012 12:24am CST
There are several top horror movie I've seen before from several countries, but most of them are from Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand, Korea and Hong Kong. Asians are well known for making great horror movie, even some of them are been remake by Hollywood such as Ju-On and The Ring. From your point of view, which countries do you think produce the best horror movies? And what are the title of the movie? Can you guys share it with me? :)
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
9 Jan 13
hi, for me the most country who produced best ghost/horror movies are the Bangkok Thailand because i have already watched their movie last two years ago,i like the trick of their story and message was really deep and you need to watch the whole movie to understand the story.
3 Nov 12
Although it is probably not a horror movie in the conventional sense I absolutely loved the Swedish film 'Let the Right One In'. it's more of a modern day vampire flick but is superbly directed, acted and realised with a terrific ending! There was an American re-make called 'Let Me In' but the original is much better.
• Marikina, Philippines
3 Nov 12
That is what I observe too. Well, I can't tell which country, but I know all the best horror movie I watch is from asian. Its not only scary, but some horror movies have lesson on it. Example is the dollmaster. It portrays love and betrayal.