I am new to MYLOT - What is your personal opinion of this site

November 3, 2012 8:57am CST
I am new to the site, rather than stumble around and find my own - What is you one piece of advice to new members? Also what is you honest opinion of the site? - Reading reviews can sometimes be misleading, it is alsway better to hear from genuine users
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@md_som (29)
• India
3 Nov 12
hello sir rob..i hope you remember me...well i am new too for this site..and honestly speaking i liked this site...i am liking the way how this site works..someone creates a discussion by asking anything ,whatever pops in their mind...and we, other user over here just respond to them showing our point of view or opinion on that particular topic . well many friends of mine are here and this site works on some algorithm which stats that the more you participate here the more you earn..if you creating discussion it should be unique not repeated one so we can get nice response to those discussion.and if you are heading to respond any thing it should be your point of view..and you get rating on basis of those things..i am just telling all those things which i get to know in my first week here. thanks.
3 Nov 12
Hello - Well I hope we can help each other out here mate
• Philippines
9 Nov 12
Hello, welcome to myLot! what's my personal opinion of this site? well, my personal opinion to this site is this site provides us a virtual community to discuss and to interact with different topics that meets our interests. This discussion site helps people to enhance their written communication skills and provides us good incentives with it! Have fun and keep participating. :D
@moneyham (201)
• India
4 Nov 12
Welcome to mylot. No need to doubt, its 100 percent legit sites. I am also a new user and am really enjoying it. Apart from income, i am getting chance to make friends with like minded people. Happy Earnings!!!
@Harold_ks (1674)
3 Nov 12
If you love reading and participating in discussions, then this site is for you. By doing so, you will be able to learn different things in different fields. After reading one discussion, you will surely get an opinion and you better express it by posting a response. Just keep on doing it, read more and more discussions, and just say your opinion on each of them. By the way, you can also start a discussion and people will respond to it, then just a post a comment on their inputs. So just like that, you just keep on posting. And as much as possible, make your post at least 3 liners or more to have earnings. Yes, we earn from those posts we make and that's a nice bonus. We learn and enjoy the topics, at the same time, we also earn money. But aside from that, we can also earn from other than posting in discussions such as by using the search engine feature in myLot, completing tasks, and uploading photos in discussions. This site is really legit and paying. So you are now one of the lucky people who has found this site. Just grab the opportunity. Enjoy your stay and good day!
@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
3 Nov 12
I love it here, I have met people from all over the world here. I have also gotten many cooking and craft ideas here from many great members.
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
3 Nov 12
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Well glad to know that u are new on this site and u are absolutely right that it is always better to take advises from the genuine users than by looking at the guidelines and promos only. To be very honest, i have enjoyed every second that i spend on this site. The reason being the amount of hard work u put in is never gone wasted. U get paid appropriately and also there is fair scope of socializing with many over here. There is so much to learn over here. I am sure u will enjoy here. What say?