Is it better to use formula for babies?

United States
November 3, 2012 7:01pm CST
Unless you have an allergy to the breastmilk, I disagree. My daughter was raised on breast milk and ended up being lactose intolerant not to my milk but cow's milk. Many people go straight to soy milk but if you were still breastfeeding, you would be able to offer them a more nutritious drink. There is a difference between lactose intolerance and being allergic to cow's milk protein. I never knew this until my child was over a year old and we were weaning and she had a bad reaction. So each month or so we tried and we returned to the doctor with tummy troubles. We ended up having to get her on a sensitive formula for toddlers so we could supplement her until she was two years old. Even today at 2 1/2 she still can't do cow's milk! She will do a little bit of yogurt, cheese etc. but she can't do a drop of milk since it is too highly concentrated in the protein that makes her tummy go in circles! :(
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