The Dustman the Millionaire .................. a true story!

@Gordano (789)
United States
November 3, 2012 8:01pm CST
A week ago there was a dustman from Bangladesh working in streets of Mecca during the pilgrimage of this year, when one of the pilgrims saw this dustman he ran towards him, embraced him, and both of them wept, while other pilgrims stood astonished, so they asked them about this and they told their story. both of them are brothers, the pilgrim is the older while the worker is the younger, they are from a rich family and inherited millions, but the older brother didn't give his younger brother anything from his share in the inheritance, so the younger brother left to Saudi Arabia to work there, and after 5 years they finally met in Mecca, the Older brother said that he oppressed his brother and had a Cancer, and he was searching for his brother to give him his right, but he didn't know where his younger brother was, the older brother said that he offered a big reward of money to anyone who can guide him to the place of his brother, but that was in vain. the older brother said that he regrets what he had done to his brother, and said that he is now has a cancer and he doesn't know how long he will live to compensate his brother, the younger brother said that he forgive his brother, and he will go with him to Bangladesh to take his right 17.000.000 SAR (Saudi Arabian Riyal) which is equal to $ 4.5 millions in addition to some real estate. Noteworthy that the younger brother the millionaire took advantage of his staying Mecca for five years, learned Arabic, and memorized the entire Qura'n. this story is very popular now, but all the newspapers that mentioned it are in Arabic, I didn't find it translated to English so I decided to share it here in English. a link to the story in Arabic: What are your thoughts?
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@namiya (1599)
• Philippines
6 Nov 12
This is very interesting real life story. It's good that the older brother has found his brother in time and was able to make up to him for the offenses he has committed.
@samar54 (2456)
• Egypt
4 Nov 12
From time to time , we hear or read stories like this , which if shows thing , it shows injustice of man by man , and so for money and his love for himself , and forgot his creator and His punishment .