United States
November 3, 2012 8:53pm CST
What does true friend mean to you? True friend to me is someone that likes you no matter what you look like where in the world your from or how much money you have or your religion. They are there for you no matter what and they do for you when they can because they care and they don't expect anything in return. I have about 3 friends like this and that's enough for me. Yes i have other friends , but only about 3 real close true friends. I feel it is better to have only a few real true close friends than to have so many like 20 30 good friends, because they wont all be close or true. What do you think and what do u prefer?
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@doroffee (4229)
• Hungary
4 Nov 12
A true friend for me is someone, who: -knows me really well, almost more than I do myself -they do understand me, and I can talk to them about anything, not only about interests and movies etc., but more serious issues -will have quality time for me, even if it's not day by day -would stand up for me if needed -would accept if we see things in a different way (but we think similarly about most things - I think that's crucial) -hopes the best for me, and isn't jealous about anything I do/have.
• United States
4 Nov 12
I agree with both of your comments on my discussion. thanks for the responses.
@edvc77 (2143)
• Philippines
6 Nov 12
A true friend is someone who likes or loves you no matter who you are and what you have, who is always there through ups and down. I have three close friends too for almost 25 years already. I thank God for them. Thank you for this discussion. :-)
@mydanods (6735)
• Nigeria
4 Nov 12
you defined a true friend real well. i want to add that a true friend can be there for you, no matter the time and the age. many persons tend to equate friendship with rewards. a true friend is there for you no matter what he/she expects of you. try to give as much as you want to get; that is what makes friendships work.