i am just surprised with the increase of the price of lpg gas

@hotsummer (10466)
November 5, 2012 12:20pm CST
we are running out of lpg soon. so we would need to buy again . although we were able to use the lpg gas longer than last time because i don't cook that long. usually i cook only easy to cook foods . that just to simmer something and it is done. so we were able to save on gas. but still the increase in price in lp gas, just like somehow negate my effort to save on lpg gas.
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• India
6 Nov 12
The price of the LPG cylinders has increased in most of the regions. It was about three weeks back the the price was increased and along with it a family is given a limited number of LPG cylinders. Anyway we have to adjust with it.
@Paper_Doll (2375)
• Philippines
5 Nov 12
Hi there, that was very true. I think that the price of lpg goes up and down. I remember that the lpg I bought early this year was around 870 pesos. But the second last time I bought, it was only 600 plus. Then the last time, it was 700 plus which I was surprised because it only lasted a month when I only cook in full during dinner time. I told my husband to check for it because I remember that the last time we bought, it also didn't reach its second month. Our lpg usually last up to 3 months. Upon checking, my husband realized that the problem lies in our gas stove. He placed a different stove and find out that there's still gas, and we've been using it until now. Whenever I think of the past lpg I bought, I feeling bad about it as I really think that we returned the tank and there's still gas in it.