Voting today should be a priority!

United States
November 6, 2012 10:23am CST
Hi mylotters; Today is the big day for the nation to get out and vote!!! I believe every vote counts.. Your vote may be over turned by the electoral college for the presidental race.. Which I found out by other member on here that this has happened four times in the history.. There are other things that are on that ballot; local electons, and other local issues that are looking for the opinions of its residents to help decide.. Those votes count.. Can you image certain issues within the small towns being decided on by 5 percent of the population? Yet everyone has to follow these new laws or pay local taxes on this or that.. It may seem small but its big.. People say that they can not make a difference.. YES YOU CAN!! If we quit voting; quit caring; we will all lose in the end.. If no one cares the right to vote could be vetoed! Then what this country stand for will be gone.. Prime example; right after 9/11 the patriot act was passed.. Before this attack; this law was not passed.. It was on the table for quite awhile.. Now our freedom can be taken away for the simple reason of national security.. If we are not active in politics it will be taken away.. Please VOTE
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