megatypers is a scam site or not?

November 6, 2012 4:45pm CST
I have been working in megatypers or 2 weeks. Upon working i didn't notice under "HELP-RULES" that there's a message saying " Your account has been permanently suspended." I was confident enough that this message is not pertaining to my account because i can still work and type catchas and whenever i type captcha my earnings are growing. So until now i really dont know if my account is ok or not. If my account is really banned why i can still work and why my earnings a growing?
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@Manasha (2294)
• Pondicherry, India
18 Nov 12
I THINK the site should be a scam and none of the legit site would react like this if they ban you. So, don't worry keep on working on other sites
@robspeakman (1705)
7 Nov 12
I can't say if it is a scam or not - I was a member once, but I got bored and never signed in again - YAWN!! I think I made a dollar just about
• India
7 Nov 12
As i know it's a genuine site and so many people already recieved payments out there. But i have personally not used,because getting paid for solving clapchas is the worst thing i have ever heard. There is no benifit to the community and our society with megatypers. Anyway, i think you have crossed their guidelines there. Kindly contact their custumer care and ask about your suspension.
@mr_pearl (5037)
• India
6 Nov 12
hi... From what you say, it appears it is not legit... Legit sites don't have such confusions... If they suspend an account, then the account holder can't log in... If you can log in then you're not blocked... Only non-legit sites have both of them... Try to find if someone has earned anything on this site... Check also if, the site admin is asking for any fees to upgrade for better earnings... Good Luck! P.S. Please don't pay any up-front fees, until you're sure about it.... Take care...