Ignore people

November 8, 2012 7:51am CST
Ignore To Those People That Talk Behind Your Back That Where They Belong Behind You Back The above quote is true and i really hope from the above quote after you read it, you will not take revenge or hate them anymore cause the people talk behind your back, is the one who always belong in your back.Those are people that like to staying at people back that why they will made unconfrontable noise about you on your back cause there always are staying on your back and they feel not confrontable with there are belong to. Are you agree to the quote above,any view,comment or story base on quote above, can be sharing on here.
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29 Jan 13
I also agree to the quote.I have gone through many situations where people talk behind you all sorts of things.When i was working in College, i had many collegeues who talk nicely in front till their work gets completed from us and after than they talk all nonsense back of us. I used to not respond to them and just ignore. I really donot understand what they gain by gossiping about others, it is merely a time pass.
@Shavkat (66205)
• Philippines
28 Jan 13
Sometimes, it feels irritating if you are ignored into something. I hate the life of being treated that way. It is so frustrating to be in such.
@murkie (1105)
• Philippines
8 Nov 12
that's right. if they have nothing better to do, then ignore them. they'd get tired of it anyway. it's just a normal reaction if people get insecure over you. so just go on with whatever you're doing and never mind those types of people. in fact, they might end up gossiping against each other since it's in their blood to be doing so.