did it!

United States
November 8, 2012 2:02pm CST
Actually, I lost more than 20 lbs. Now I would like to lose another 13 lbs, but it isn't absolutely necessary. I'm satisfied with the 26 lbs that I lost already. I lost the weight by cutting out bread, potatoes and sugar. Although I could eat them occasionally (except sugar), I don't think I will beyond a small scoop of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving w/butter - no gravy. But I won't have stuffing. While dieting I ate lots and lots of salads. When you add ham, chicken, tuna, salmon, eggs and lots of other things to salads, they aren't boring at all. And I use low carb tortillas and lavish bread occasionally for sandwiches and wraps. One thing I had to watch and continue to limit is my intake of fruit - which has a lot of natural sugar. The secret to keeping the weight off is to eat the same foods I ate while losing weight and not go back to the sweets and ice cream and bread, pancakes and biscuits, etc. It's a new lifestyle and I like it. Good luck to everyone who wants to lose weight. If you have health problems, make sure you see a doctor before dieting.
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@halder86 (10)
8 Nov 12
congratulation !!!!!
@doroffee (4229)
• Hungary
8 Nov 12
Oh, congrats! It takes a lot of willpower to achieve something like that! Especially if someone has been accustomed to a certain diet. Kudos! Keep your head up, and don't give up. It's so good to feel fitter and more healthy, and you shared some awesome tips as well. It's goof if a person loses weight by eating sensibly, not by some fad diet which only consists of fruit or one type of food, that's really bad for the organs.