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@vjsinduja (1035)
Sri Lanka
November 9, 2012 1:34am CST
Hi .. I am not a newbie to Internet jobs but at the same time, I was not into it completely.. I need your advice on ways to earn online.. No PTC,writing articles, Google Adsense.. I know forex is a good one. but I am not familiar with it to make trades.. If some one could teach me on that, it would be great Apart from these, any sites to earn with ? I would prefer to invest, if the site is genuine for a longer period. Any sites with which you guys worked with & found to be paying so far.. Pls let me know about with your advice & experirnce
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@today2 (88)
• United States
10 Nov 12
Vjsinduja, I make what some would say great money online in fact I'm taking next year off for the most part to help folks. Now this may sound crazy but I'm tired of dealing with companies at least hands on. Not to mention the 16 hour days or more... I do this not for my benefit and nothing much more. I did a small test last year on 50 people that I helped which I received 100 times more money than 500 I sold to. I can't really go into deep details as want here and most of the people I deal with on this level are from US, UK & CA which I often preach they have absolutely no excuse for not making good money. But... Anyone can make decent money if they are willing to work and follow simple instructions. One of the problems I have with something you said you wouldn't do is writing articles. If you can't or won't do that then good luck. As you can see I'm not no where great at it but I never stop. I don't mean writing articles for sites like this or ones that are maybe better but I mean for your own behave. You have to create your own things to make real money and many if not all cases that means writing. Now you can have people do it for you. This site for example is perfect, all but few people learn from it properly. I look in the Task section here only a few people take advantage of putting people to work for them. This site itself can be duplicated easily just pay a little more to start have people to write for The Forex thing if you have $100,000+ then go for it you should be able to make good money in it for the most part. If you're looking at $10,000 or less good luck to you and get out when you lose half your money. Good Forex training will cost you that much. I extend my friendship to anyone who wants to know or are willing to share their ideas.
@Manasha (2307)
• Pondicherry, India
27 Nov 12
you can explain the way that you have at present. If you tell the ways to earn money we will admire you a lot
@marguicha (97111)
• Chile
1 Dec 12
I have never dared get into forex. It seems to me that those sites are risky even when they are not scam sites. I`d check first on how much money you have to risk and accept if you lose it.
@mbud80 (115)
• Indonesia
29 Nov 12
Forex could be your best income source but it could be your worst nightmare too. If you are a risk seeker forex will be fit for you. In forex there are great chance to gain a lot of money but also you could loss all your money in hours and even more, in minutes. It's about timing and patience If you want to learn about forex you could learn it step by step (just googling there are many site 'bout that). I'm new in mylot, I don't read all FAQ yet so I don't share the link here to prevent I'm banned here. But if you want to know just message me I will tell you some site so you can learn forex for free. Basicly, you can learn trading forex technique in 2 week but in my opinion, to sucess in forex the most important things is risk management and self control
• India
27 Nov 12
Hi friend, good to hear that you are interested in forex investing. We must be careful before investing our money, your choice is right mylot is the good place to get suggestions. One of my friend made a good income with forex, she purchased a combo pack it helped her to get success with forex.
@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
13 Nov 12
Forex really a good one to make money but my problem is that I don't know praticularly about it...