Are you a good spiker in playingvolleyball?

@cobalt20 (1321)
November 10, 2012 7:14pm CST
I like spiking the ball in playing volleyball. It just easy you have throw straight the ball then spike it with your right hand. I am a right handed person. You can also have a jump serve. I am not good in tossing. How about you guys?
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@Sindelle (830)
• United States
12 Nov 12
I have a lot of fun playing volleyball but I am also terrible at it. I'm also probably an exceptionally bad spiker. Lol, in fact I'm normally the one who is standing at the wrong spot at the wrong time and gets spiked. I should wear a helmet the next time I play volleyball lol. I'm glad you enjoy it though. I'm sure if you practice you'll become good at tossing as well.