How did myLot Changed Your Life

November 11, 2012 12:17am CST
How did myLot changed your life? I want to know what you love about joining myLot. I have just recently signed up on this site. I have been into writing blogs since December of 2011. It has brought some sweet blessings to me. I would like to know more of the few things that myLot has made a difference in each members here. I am looking for an inspiration of what makes myLot unique among other websites similar to this. It will be a big help for me to invite more friends to try registering here. Blogging taught me that even if you have some serious health conditions, you can still earn extra income with all the hard work that you will put into it. I hope to hear from you guys. Have a great day.
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• Jacksonville, Florida
12 Nov 12
This site has given me more friends than I could have ever hoped for. It has also given me a place to come to when I have no where else to turn. There are so many people here that have gone through some things I go through so I get amazing advice here! =) I have gained so much from this site and I am so grateful for being here!
• Philippines
12 Nov 12
Wow! That's very inspiring LovingMyBabies. There are 247,326 myLot members as of now. It's great to meet people like you who love this site a lot. I am on my first week of joining here and on my 3rd day participating on cool discussions. I have met some amazing individuals who immediately assisted me on how to use myLot. I am definitely being staying here more on the next coming days. I will be glad to add you as one of my new found friend here. Thank you for sharing me the good news. Have a great day!
@tedifa (1235)
• Indonesia
20 Nov 12
I was join here since 3-4 years the first year i can't focus here to response any discuss.At that time i was log in here twice a week or twice a month.Now i have more time to working here.I can improve my english,sharing information,add friends and more.Mylot is fantastic site for social networking.
• Greece
15 Nov 12
MyLot helps me improve my writing skills and help me meet friendly and nice people who give me helpful comments and opinions. not to mention, while enjoying participating in discussions, I also learn new things and earn money out of it.