I can not edit my profile, I wish to delete my city name in profile,please help

November 11, 2012 12:40am CST
How to delete city name in profile, please give me suggestion, thank you! I tried many times, but I still can not figure out how.
3 responses
@silentwill (1686)
• Philippines
11 Nov 12
You can hide it by unchecking the box on this link http://www.mylot.com/nr/editcustomize.aspx
• China
11 Nov 12
Thank you, your reply is very helpful and timely, I have made change according to your recommendation. By the way, your response is the first I have got, therefore I will mark your response as the best remark.
• India
11 Nov 12
Thanks silent to share the link but I think we cant change the username or address only website name and photo can change
@aireanna18 (1914)
• United States
11 Nov 12
The whole box section under your avatar you can only change through your preferences. You will find the preferences at the top of the page where it lists you earnings and has the link to your profile page. The area that is on the right hand section of your profile page you can change through pressing the edit profile button on your profile page. I hope this helps.
@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
11 Nov 12
I guess you should not delete it as it is a required info on payment information . But you may hide it from your profile by going here http://www.mylot.com/nr/editcustomize.aspx and then un-check "Allow visitors to view my city and/or state on my profile page"