November 11, 2012 4:39am CST
friends what you all think about corruption,i my self feel that corruption is a python who is swallowing the morality and goodness of human kind.not a single country on earth is really serious to fight the corruption .because the major leaders of all countries are their self involved in corruption and they don't want it to be exposed in front of the world.All the leaders say that corruption is rising very rapidly and ruining their country and society but have they ever made a strict law to punish the corrupt people,never they never want a strict law against corruption because they know it very well that if such law come in existence so they will will be the first to go behind the bars and to get a punishment.
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• Thailand
12 Nov 12
I don't like the corruption as well. It is a serious advantage. And forgiveness to those who do not deserve.
@Wendi81 (603)
• Indonesia
11 Nov 12
I thought corruption is like parasite. It's suck the nutrision from landlady and make landlady become die slowly. We can't destroy it with cut down the parasite trunk, but we must draw it until the root