Stand Up to A Bully

November 11, 2012 6:32am CST
There are almost no school were there are no bullies. The questions is Stand up to a bully, does it make you a stupid (you know you will get some beating) or make you brave? I have one or twice face a bully and told him what he was doing was wrong, thou I got some betting after that. Does it make me silly or brave?
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• Greece
13 Nov 12
It makes you brave actually. I know it's stupid to fight back with a bully because the truth is, bullies are scared people who try to give themselves extra confidence by bullying people that they know wouldn't fight back. But sometimes, they really needed someone who will slap them in the face and show them that what they're doing is enough. I have this girl in my class and everyone was afraid of her because she speaks in a way that people will really get scared. But when she tried to accuse me of something I didn't do, I lose my temper and started yelling back at her. She stopped and lower down her voice. I kind of regret yelling at her afterwards as people see me as a nice person then suddenly see me shouting. It's not worth losing your reputation for someone that is not worth it.
@Shavkat (67163)
• Philippines
12 Nov 12
College years was a place to explore new things. I've been acted weird for some students, don't understand the way I think. I even took the time to reflect myself if I am out of this world. But then, I realized that their minds are not gaining wisdom. They remain stagnant way of thinking. I've been a lot of people, different personalities were so distinct from person to person. They look so nerdy, but they have something to offer. Some people misjudge them from being different, but there's no difference when you find the time knowing them.
@choybel (5059)
• Philippines
11 Nov 12
Funny thing is, I never recalled being a bully or bullying anybody my entire elementary and high school life. I guess there are just some schools that still exist without this problem or maybe it was just at my time, I don't know for sure, but one thing I do know, I'm lucky not being able to experience that. I just hope that when I get to have children, they too wouldn't have to worry about this.