Poetry, is it a dead Art?

November 11, 2012 12:57pm CST
So a lot of us have studied or read famous poets, some of us can even quote them. But In our current fast way of life where we don't even have time for our families do you think we still have time to enjoy good poetry? From my side the last time I purchased a book that contains only poems was about ten years ago since then I don't find the time or the mood to enjoy or even to understand a good poem. It is not like thrillers, you should really be in a relaxed atmosphere to savor it and find the hidden meanings behind the verses and this is becoming practically impossible also, publishers don't care anymore about finding and supporting talented poets. Which is a clear indication that it does not sell anymore What do you think?
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• Greece
12 Nov 12
Poetry books are not like novels, to be picked up and read through at a rate of knots. Poems should be savoured a sip at a time. They are a luxury and no doubt one pursued by the few. But if poetry books are not in the top ten anymore don't throw out the baby with the bath water. People love to read meaningful poems. Poets say it in concise words, or at least they should. They should also move with the times and avoid words that are no longer used today. I write poetry and I have to point out in this discussion that if someone receives a poem written for them or just one that is appropriate for them, then they take it to heart. A poem is an art form, it should be crafted with care, not just a bundle of words thrown together without rhyme or reason. A modern poem does not have to be written in rhyme or have metre but it does have to flow. Personally I favour rhyme and metre and the discipline of writing it is worth the pleasure gained from reading it. If you want to update your experience of poetry then send me a message and I will send one to you. I might even be able to send you one on the topic of your choice.
12 Nov 12
You are right about the fact that poems have a way to touch your heart if its well written. When you read poetry you feel that it's a more personnel experience for you and for the writer then a novel specially if its describing a subject close to your mood when you are reading it. I personally prefer the poetry without rhyme but has, as you mentioned, the required flow. However, I acknowledj that having the rhyme requires more discipline from the writer and also requires him or her to have more grasp over his or her tools. I hate poetry that is written for the writer pleasure only without taking into consideration the reader's need to understand. I know that it is a way for writer to inovate but too much innovation and taking the whole art into the experimental can destroy its appeal. I certainly would like to read some of your poetry and I took your offer and sent you a message Thank you
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• Greece
13 Nov 12
I did not get that message Omar. It may be because there is a pending message from me asking you to to accept me as a to my friend. If you OK that then the message might get through. Thank you for your comments, I will watch out for your message to come through.
• Macedonia
18 Nov 12
To be realistic, poetry had changed like in the past centuries and period of history, same in the past ages. I am a reciter and I came across some new poets. Also, my father is writing poetry, so, it looks to me that there will always be that couple of people who will feel the lyrics of the poetry in their hearts. In addition, there are many modern text writers who are considered to be modern poets due to the lyrics of the songs. So, that would be it, I think poetry will never die, just as long as there are people who love it.