One More Big Cheating By The Finance Company in Delhi !!

@AKRao24 (21993)
November 12, 2012 2:40am CST
Once again people from Delhi got cheated by one of the Financing companies of the City. 'Stock Guru India Ltd.' was a financing Company situated at Paschim Vihar part of Delhi has closed down the operations and the staff and the Managing directors of the company were found absconding from the office. According the local news Channels this company has managed to get more than a lakh of investors to invest heir hard earned money in this company. They had a very lucrative scheme of making the money double within a span of 7 months, Having got attracted to this scheme people got attracted towards this company and about 500 Crores of rupees were invested by these people in this company. According to the Managing director they were using the fund collected from the people in various shares in stock market and they were making good profits because of which they were sure to pay back the double the amount within seven months. Thus with money thus collected , the Managing director absconded a couple of days back and the angry mob approached the local police station to launch complaint against these cheaters. More than 14000 complaints have been registered with local police station by the investors and on the basis of these complaints Police could manage to arrest the Managing director one Ulhas Khede who is a resident of Ratnagiri, a city in the State of Maharashtra in India. His wife Priyanka Khede who was also involved in this Scam got arrested. It was not known as yet if the money collected was invested in the share market or not, but the intensions of the Managing Directors were not good at all and the police having arrested them is now interrogating them about the money they collected and other details. It is very sad to see that people are repeatedly getting entrapped themselves in such scams. Now and then such scams are shown on TV channels and in spite of that people are falling prey to such schemes. It is strange to see that educated people from the National Capital are present in this scheme as innocent victims. The greed and illogical thinking of making fast money is making them to fall prey for such falls. The national and private Banks are paying the double the amount to the investors after a span of eight and half years. The banks are governed by the rules laid out by reserve bank. People should always remember that no financial Companies or banks can pay more interest on the investment than the interest recommended by Reserve Bank of India. I conclusion, what all would like to say is that the Greed of making quick money is responsible for falling prey to such scams and people should use their logical thinking if such schemes are practically viable or not and also use their discretion before investing in such schemes so that their hard earned money is safe with the investors! Could you kindly leave your valuable opinion about this issue and oblige? Thanks in advance!
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