Behavior of sociology? @_@

November 12, 2012 4:19am CST
Hello everyone, an instructor if mine gave us an assignment. She said, "Give one example of Behavior of Sociology, why?" I didn't quite get the question since sociology as a science don't have a behavior, correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, i think the correct way to say it is Behavior of Society, unless someone can help me regarding this topic. Thank you!
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@Shavkat (69493)
• Philippines
12 Nov 12
The study the behavior in connection to sociology, there a lot examples to initiate the word and its concept. Like, it is really strange to entertain strangers. I do have such experience, when someone called me through my mobile and asking somebody with different name. Then, all of a sudden they ask a lots of information. Automatically, I shut the conversations without giving information. I even think of having bad agenda towards me. That's really scary for someone to have the guts of doing so. Another example, Through experience, some other nationality has the wrong notion of someone. It is a stereotype behavior to scrutinize without considering the good things in them. It can also applied to some fellowmen, they acted like this to show their status in life. This will not change overnight, but hoping for the changes within them. What makes them like this?
• Philippines
13 Nov 12
Thank you for your perspective. Society is really funny nowadays, they always tell you to be yourself, be yourself. And yet, they judge you in your actions and even in your physical features when you are just "being yourself." It's really great to learn about the behavior of our society as you will learn about the ignorance and greatness, alike, of people inhabiting this world. Have a great day!